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Expanding by military conquest or through absorbing other people and cultures into their Empire, Rome still stands today as a legacy to the achievement of mankind, and its failures. UNRV aims to give visitors a substantial look into what Rome was. We will delve into all aspects of its society and those of her neighbors, and perhaps share a greater understanding of our own world through that of the past.

Through the sharing of archeological news, and in-depth content, we can only hope that just one person will be inspired to dig deeper into history. We hope to provide a forum for those who study Rome in all forms. A place for scholars, students and those who seek to learn, to exchange ideas and gather information. Perhaps just one influenced mind will discover the next Rosetta Stone, or unveil lost secrets of the archaeological world.

Main Sections

Explore the World of Ancient Rome

The greatest empire the earth has ever known is more than just a collection of facts and figures. It represents both the glorious achievement, and at times contemptible, behavior of mankind. In the matter of just a few centuries, Rome grew from a very small village in central Italy to the absolute dominant power of the entire Italian peninsula. In a few more centuries, the Roman Empire's might reached as far north as Britain, east to Persia, and in the south it encompassed the whole of Northern Africa.

Rome's extraordinary achievements and the unparalleled string of influential people shaped the whole of Europe and even the rest of the world. One super powered nation, encompassing thousands of cultures kept order, stability and civilization in an ancient world fraught with turmoil. Carlon E98G5FN 50Amp Outlet Cover ! NWB !, and the centuries that came to be known as the Dark Ages that followed illustrates the awesome responsibility, reach and impact of the Empire.

Even today, Roman law and the role and structure of government forms the basis of several modern democracies. Her monuments still stand millennia later, awing and inspiring us. Her language, Latin, while for all intents and purposes lies dormant and unspoken, forms the basis or penetrates the deepest fibers of many modern tongues. Her final religious faith, Christianity, spread like wildfire throughout the highly connected system of roads and intermingled cultures of the western world. What else has Rome given us?

In this site, we will explore the development of the Roman Empire and the events that built it. From the sea fishing ready tied cod and pollock rigs on 3/0 Hook Black je through to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, from the great conquerors to the conquered tribes and peoples such as the Iceni tribe led by Boudicca. Piece by historical piece, we'll delve into the events and people that shaped not just an era, but the history, and future, of an entire planet.


The superstar sportsmen of their day.


Trade, taxes and coinage of the Ancient Romans.

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The clothing and changing fashions of the Empire.


A dark but significant part of Ancient Roman life.


Discover how military success fuelled expansion.


Religion played a major part in everyone's lives.


Construction that was ahead of its time.


Overseeing it all was an extremely difficult job.


How were the sick and the injured looked after? is thrilled to present a wall map of the Roman Empire. Exhaustively researched over the course of two years and subject to five months of design and historical scrutiny, this 'poster' is not simply an artistic work, but truly an educational resource in its own right.

This large map is unique wall decor that is perfect for the den, office or classroom and will delight history buffs; particularly those with a special interest in the Ancient Roman Empire. With the map features presented in the original Latin, it will also make an educational tool for the student, teacher or professor. No classroom focused on ancient history or classical studies should be without this spectacular reference and conversational piece.

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New Julius Caesar Section

Gaius Julius Caesar rose from fairly humble beginnings to become the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. Unsurprisingly, his rise to power is a story filled with incidents and significant moments.
This new section brings together the content on the UNRV site into a 21-part chronological series. Starting with Caesar’s humble beginnings and the influence of his uncle Marius, each part covers the significant events in his life, until it was ended with his assassination by rival senators.
Julius Caesar Section  

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